YEAR 2020

365: X v X Accusation of spiking of Drink

YEAR 2019

364: Edwards v Jenkins RTA Drugs/Alcohol (Insurance)

363: Mark Young RTA Drugs Alcohol.

362: Edwards (Insurance) Road Traffic Accident

361: R v X Publican accused of overserving

360: Young (Insurance) Oxycodone Unexplained Fatality

359: R v X Texts involving illicit drugs

358: R v Monticelli RTA/Alcohol

357: R v Ullah RT/Drugs

356: Rothon v Insurer Fatality at work (Illicit Drugs)

355: R v X Zolpidem, High Profile Air Rage

354: R v Brinkworth Alcohol/Codeine Discharge of rifle

353: Imi v Coopey Cannabis Road Traffic Fatality

352: R v Plahe Road Traffic/Drugs

351: R v Burnett DNA

350: R v Farouq DNA

349: R v Cleary IED’s, Manuals

348: R v Banning Chemical Collection

347: R v Yates Manuals.

346: Ackerman Fireworks Accident Bristol

YEAR 2018

345: R v Quinn (Firearms Discharge Residue)

344: R v Thomas DNA

343: R v Pinnock Improvised Explosive Devices.

342: R v McGrath Alcohol Road Traffic

341: R v Naughton Alcohol Road Traffic

340: R v Edwards Cocaine Road Traffic

339: R v Thind Alcohol/Medications RT

338: R v Thomas Polypharmacy/Rape

337: R v Moore Alcohol

336: R v X Thallium

335: R v Veysey Urine

334: R v Oyebamiji Cannabis/Synthetic cannabinoids

333: R v Khan DNA/Firearms

332: R v Sneddon Explosives/Chemicals, apparatus

331: R v Jennings Toxicology/Drugs Road Traffic

330: R v Cobley DNA/Sexual Assault

329: R v Smith Toxicology/Rape

328: R v Thomas DNA/Firearm

327: R v Oyebamiji Toxicology/Alcohol Cannabis NPS

326: R v Cort DNA

325: R v Thind Toxicology/Alcohol Road Traffic

324: R v Edwards Toxicology/Cannabis Road Traffic

323: R v Richards Toxicology/Alcohol Road Traffic Appeal

322: R v X Toxicology/Thallium

321: R v Veysey Toxicology/Urine

320: R v Pinnock Explosives/Improvised device

YEAR 2017

319: R v Kayley Drugs/ Cocaine

318: Ascot Pyrotechnics/Deceased Cache

317: R v Pennington Firework/Arson

316: R v S Alcohol/Rape

315: Byrne (Eire) Sewer Gases/Hydrogen Sulphide

314: R v Cunningham DNA/Firearms Innocent Transfer

313: R v El Hassan Toxicology/Ricin

312: R v Singh Steroids/Induced Rage

311: R v Richards Alcohol/Spiking Road traffic

310: R v Sheriff Alcohol/Road Traffic

309: R v Douglass DNA/Firearms Innocent transfer

308: R v Neale Alcohol/Rape

307: R v Creighton Drugs/"Insane Joker" NPS

306: R v X Alcohol/Child Care

305: R v Pearson Synth Cannabinoids/Damage/Psychosis

304: X Morphine/Airline Pilot

303: R v Thomas DNA/Innocent Transfer

302: R v Alsyed Explosive/TATP

301: R v Toors Alcohol/Road Traffic Accident (RTA)

300: McGrath v Various Cannabis/Road Traffic Accident (RTA)

299: R v El Hassan Explosives/Improvised Devices Instructions

298: R v El Hassan Explosives/Shaped Charges Instructions

297: R v Grewal RTA/Alcohol Toxicology

296: R v Smith Home Made Fireworks/Explosives

295: R v G Childcare Heroin/Diazepam

294: R v Singh RTA/Alcohol/Toxicology

293: R v Batten RTA/Cocaine/Toxicology