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2017 (Explosives)

Forensic Expert Witness Services 2016


Solicitor comments:


I write to thank you for the valued assistance that you gave in this case and I feel sure that your tenacity and thoroughness enabled Counsel to put forward submissions in relation to the DNA evidence which most certainly assisted our client. I was very impressed with the way you carried out your investigations on the DNA evidence and cannot thank you enough.
If I should need any expert reports in regards to DNA evidence in the future, I will certainly have no hesitation in contacting you.

81: May 2018: R v Neale (Rape, Case Discontinued, Prosecution offered no evidence): "Thank you so much for all your hard work on this case. It was much appreciated by myself and the client. I will be definitely recommending you highly to colleagues, and hope to work with you again in the future. I was very impressed with your conscientiousness and attention to detail."

80: February 2018: R v El Hassan (Explosives/Ricin): "Thank you for you excellent report which was very helpful."

79: February 2018: R v Neale (Alcohol/Rape): "Many thanks for your expertise in this matter. it is much appreciated."

78: February 2018: R v Smith (Explosives): "Thank you very much for your assistance with D's trial.".

77: February 2018: R v A (Alcohol/Rape): "...The prosecution have thrown out their toxicology report..." "First of all thank you for all of your help in this trial. I was found not guilty with a unanimous decision after 10 minutes of deliberation this morning. Once again thank you for all of your help in this matter and I wish you all the best in your endeavours in the future."

76: January 2018: R v Douglass: (DNA): "The defendant has requested that we contact you to see if you are available to assist."

75: January 2018: R v Richards: (Alcohol) "Thank you for the time on Friday. Meeting you was brilliant. It was the first time I've really slept since the arrest."

74: January 2018: R v Cunningham: (DNA): Barrister's comment during a trial involving the consideration of the possibility of secondary transfer of DNA (defendant acquitted) "That was fantastic!".

73: 2016 /2017 /2018: Lawyer Monthly is pleased to announce the official publication of its 2017 Expert Witness Awards. The full edition can now be viewed online. Lawyer Monthly is delighted to once again have the opportunity to acknowledge leading industry experts who have overcome the legal challenges involved in their role and contributed to the legal sector in a tremendous way; not only have these experts reached the pinnacle of their professional career, but they also use their expertise to help solve all-important lawsuits.
Dr John Douse (OGT Forensic Ltd):
Forensic Expert Witness Services of the Year: 2016
Forensic Expert Witness of the Year (Explosives):2017

72: October 2016: In a complex DNA case in Northern Ireland where the defendant, accused of Child Rape, was acquitted: "I am glad that I instructed you [in preference to the recommended expert], your work has provided me with great support over the last three years".

71: August 2016: In a DNA case where the defendant had been acquitted (without the need for her to be cross examined) on a charge of assault by spitting, (made some two years prior to the trial), and where she had specifically requested that I be instructed in preference to experts recommended by the solicitor: "I can't thank you enough for your thorough and relentless work on my case."

70: July 2016: R v International Defence Firm (Where several millions of UK pounds in fines was demonstrated to have been inappropriate and unnecessary):(Accidental Discharge of a Military Rocket Motor). Comment by Managing Director: "The thoroughness of your report and the strength of your case.....", " .....your balanced judgement to achieve this result."

69: July 2016 R v International Defence Firm: (Saving of several million UK pounds in potential fines) Solicitors comment: "I wanted to pass on my thanks for all of your hard work in relation to this matter. The client and we were delighted with your work!"

68: June 2016 R v Sylton Legister: A case involving a seizure of 10kg of cannabis claimed to have been procured for the treatment of a terminally ill 88 year old mother, in extremis and beyond further medical help, as a component of a Jamaican "Bush Bath": Solicitors comment: "What a result! Thanks for your effort. Much appreciated!!

67: April 2016: R v Dogar. Barristers comment in a case where an urgent report was prepared mid trial and where only 4 hours sleep in a bed was achieved in 7 days: "Thanks for all your help on this John. ...I owe you a [drink] for all your hard work!"

66: March 2016: Comment by a defendant's carer in the case of a defendant jailed for life, and where we indicated the willingness to act pro bono as necessary, if required, in appeal/etc proceedings: "I saw ...... again today and told him your response to my e-mail. He said to thank you profusely for such kindness towards him."

65: April 2016: Comment by a defendant (a landlord accused of being conscious of the presence of cannabis growing operation in one of his rental properties) and who was self funded through both trials, in regard of verbal evidence at the second trial: "It [your performance] was fantastic!"
Comment by the solicitor in the same trial: "It went very well."

64: Jan 2016: Comment by a defendant (marine officer) in a case of the detection of a very low level of a cannabis metabolite in urine (contacted Wednesday, interviewed Thursday, Report produced by Friday): "Again, thanks very much for all your help and fast response, it has definitely been helpful."
Also: "My Union has said that it will independently pursue the challenge based on the content of your report."

63: Mar 2016: In a DNA case (accusation of assault- Scotland) where the defendant instructed me in preference to the expert recommended by the solicitor: Defendant: "Even if I have to pay double, I would still prefer to request your services."
Husband of the defendant: "Dr Douse; Many thanks for…all your support, we appreciate all that you are doing for us at this difficult time."
Also: "Many thanks for all your hard work on behalf of [my wife]."
Also: "Many thanks for such a thorough report! I am sitting with [my wife] just now and we both agree that this seems a most comprehensive account of the alleged event. Many thanks again!"
Also defendant: "Dear Dr Douse, I want to thank you for your continued help and expertise. I would be lost without it."

62: Feb 2016: Comment by a defendant accused of the rape of a minor and who instructed me in preference to the expert recommended by his solicitor, in regard of the DNA report: "I am just writing to show my appreciation of the report which you have done. I think it is brilliant."

61: Mar 2016: Comment by a solicitor following a Barrister conference in a case involving accidental ignition of a Rocket Motor: "Thank you so much for everything that you did today."

60: Mar 2016: Comment by a defendant in a self represented alcohol drink driving case in regard of the first part of the trial: "Thank you so much for everything that you did today."
Response to her second appearance in a split trial: Contacted for urgent assistance at 23:30, on motorway at 00:30, hotel at 03:30, set up office at 4am, ready to receive brief and provide support to defendant at 9am. (this is an example of the support provided in a semi probono case).

59: Mar 2016: Comment by a solicitor in regard of an application for funding in a firearms (tazer) case: "..I will stress to them how excellent you are."

58: Dec 2015: R v Biddle: Barristers Comment: "We were able to significantly reduce the estimates [of the value of the cannabis cultivation operation] to a great extent, thanks to your report."

57: Dec 2015: Comment (exclamation) by a private client at a barristers conference in Bedford Row during a presentation of the analysis of the circumstances of an aspect of a case: "How does he remember all of this?"

56: Nov 2015: Solicitors comment in regard of a report regarding military matters (Individual returned from Syria) (Photos and Videos): "A good report!"

55: Nov 2015: Solicitors comment in regard of a report regarding military matters (Individual returned from Syria) (Analysis of a book for material of military significance): "Spot on!"

54: Nov 2015: Solicitors comment in regard of assistance in a case of accusation of murder regarding euthanasia of a terminal MS patient in extremis, where our observation of the presence and likely influence of prescribed fentanyl resulted in the prosecution reducing the charge to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility: "....You have been so helpful to our case!"

53: October 2015: In a complex DNA case where we were selected by the defendant as his expert over that recommended by the Barrister in the case: "Dr John, I have read the report and I think it is out of this world. Just Brilliant! It was worth the wait on it!"

52: October 2015: In a private case (one of the new types where the defendant could not afford legal representation) involving a road traffic accident, an accusation of driving under the influence of excess alcohol, and a situation of post incident drinking: Comment by the defendant: "Thank you so much for your guidance and voice of reason, much appreciated".

51: September 2015: In a complex case (multiple attempted murders by stabbing) involving assessment of the likely effects of olanzapine, carbamazepine, alcohol, cannabis and smoking, on the memory of an individual suffering from audiovisual hallucinations and PTSD: Comment by Junior Counsel: "Dear Dr Douse, Many thanks for your report in this matter. Your report has been agreed by all parties and so we will not require you to give evidence at trial".

50: May 2010: Supreme Court Singapore: In a case involving consideration of the use of crystal methamphetamine (chemistry, toxicology, forensic toxicological analysis): The Judge commented at the close of the trial: "Thank you for assisting the Court".

49: June 2015: In a case involving accusation of rape and alcohol/SSRI interactions, mid trial at Kingston Crown Court, (just after defence case almost complete): Instructed at 1600, case-file provided 1800-2200, full report delivered by 1030 next day. Barristers comment: "I appreciate you are "up against it".....!"

48: May 2015: In a case involving chemicals, pyrotechnics, black powder/flash powder manufacture, fireworks and a cannabis cultivation operation, where another expert's report could not address the key issues:Following urgent instruction 10 days before the trial at the Old Bailey (1000 pages, 200 exhibits, 3 defence examinations, defendant interview, and production of two reports), the defendant (accused of Section 58, and HSE Offences) was given a suspended sentence and an ASBO. Solicitors comment: "Thank you for your help. I will be sure to use you again!"

47: March 2015: In a case involving an accusation of throwing an incendiary device onto a balcony: The prosecution withdrew any accusation, withdrew the charge, and also withdrew expert claims, that an attempt had been made to ignite the device. Solicitor's comment: "The prosecution have introduced a (lesser) charge that did not require consideration of the device having been lit."

46: March 2015: In a case involving the accusation of a Landlord in regard of a Cannabis Growing Operation set up in one of his rental lets (Efficiency of Air Conditioning and Charcoal Filtration System): Dear Dr Douse, "I would just like to say that I am very grateful for your help and was indeed impressed with the way you dealt with the Court and the Judge. ......You were admirably firm in dealing with… attempts to disrail you, and I really appreciate that. Your evidence was not open to any adverse interpretation at all..."

45: December 2014: In a case involving DNA and an accusation of rape of a minor: "I refer to our email exchange in October and confirm that my client wishes to instruct you to provide a report in his trial which is set for March 2015".

44: October 2014: Solicitors comments In a case involving cultivation of cannabis for medical use in treating the chronic pain sequelae caused by multiple injuries from a cliff fall: "I am very grateful for your report, which assists us greatly. I have served it upon the CPS.... (I am hoping that they will see sense and concede.)"

43: October 2014: In a case involving toxicology, relating to an assault: "Perfect, thanks Dr Douse. And thank you for taking the time to speak with me this morning."

42: August 2014: In a case involving prescription drugs and driving (diazepam, tramadol, codeine), (acquitted on receipt of the second defence toxicology report (case discontinued)): Solicitors comment: "Thank you for your assistance in this matter".

41: August 2014: In a case involving an accusation of the rape of a 42 year old by a 15 year old foster child; the Judge dismissed the case upon receiving the defence toxicology report and the defendant was acquitted. Comment by defence Counsel: "Your report was excellent!"

40: July 2014: In a case involving a road traffic accident, severe injury and alcohol: "Your assistance has been very much appreciated in this case".

39: June 2014: In a case involving accusation of dealing cannabis, deemed for personal medical use (community service order): Comment by solicitor: "A fabulous result!".

38: June 2014 In a case involving DNA (Class A Drugs, Firearms and Ammunition): "Thanks again for your report, which I believe is very useful."

37: May 2014 In a private case involving a landlord, where a tenant in one of his many properties had secreted a medium size cannabis growing operation:
"I have passed your CV to the client and we both were very impressed with your credentials."
"I spoke to the client today. He is very pleased and wants me to go ahead with instructing you."
"Thank you (for the report), This is a huge amount of work you have put in and I am sure that the Crown are going to be "blown away" by it!"

36: April 2014 In a private client case involving possible auto-brewery syndrome (Candida) (alcohol serious road traffic accident) in a Eurozone Country where the case proceeded to the European Court of Human Rights: "Thank you very much for all of your help and support, I am very lucky to have met you."

35: March 2014: From an instructing QC Senior Counsel in a murder case involving Toxicology and DNA: "Please could you give Dr Douse our sincere thanks and appreciation for his report. It has been invaluable in helping us focus on the delivery of our case."

34: Dec 2013: Instructing Eurozone client's comments in regard of a 3 year involvement with a road traffic accident case involving possible Meiteisho (Autobrewery Syndrome), and where the threat of imprisonment, confiscation of driving license, the need to retake the driving test and also a driving ban were avoided:
"I feel I must write to tell you the happy news. I will get to keep my drivers licence. In my country it is not the Courts that handle those things, so I sent evidence to the lady official, and she made an exemption for me. Isn't that beautiful. I need not tell my son the car is gone. I will never forget the huge amount of work you put into this".

33. May 2013: Solicitors comment in a DNA case at the Central Criminal Court: "..I know that you are excellent and will do your best to achieve solicitors or Counsel's requests at short notice..."

32. May 2013: A case of seized chemicals (explosives): "He (the client) was extremely pleased with the result, and asked me to pass on his thanks to you for your assistance".

Thank you again for the fantastic report!

30: CASE INVOLVING TRACES OF EXPLOSIVES ON A RUCKSACK RECENTLY TAKEN TO PAKISTAN (Instruction received Good Friday Lunchtime, Full report delivered by Easter Tuesday 0900)
"Thank you very much for your speedy work on this!"

29: CASE INVOLVING COCAINE/TRAMADOL/ALCOHOL RTA (Defendant aquitted) (April 2013)
"Thank you once again for your assistance and efficiency in this matter."

28: Comments from a barrister in a DNA case involving drugs arms and ammunition (21/03/13): "The DNA report is very good...."

27: Prepared a report involving the likely effects of very high alcohol levels and the drug Pregabalin, which resulted in the defendant receiving a minimal sentence.

26: From a London Barrister in a case involving the requirement for the preparation of an urgent complex DNA report (26/11/12): "Thank you. I appreciate your getting this to me so quickly". For further urgent additions to a DNA report: "Thank you, once again, much appreciated!"

25: Prosecution expert (Met Police Evidence Recovery Unit) written observations and assessment of the Defence Expert's skills carrying out an examination of multiple exhibits in a DNA clean room (November 2012):
"All relevant laboratory procedures and precautions followed."

24: Solicitors Comment in a case involving burglary (touch DNA) (Aquitted) (Bristol Youth) (October 2012)
"May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your endeavours in this case."

23: Firm of Swansea Solicitors following provision of reports in a number of cases:
"We thank you again for your continued assistance to this firm and look forward to instructing you again in the near future."

22: Comment of the Guildford Hospital UK Insulin Analysis Expert upon witnessing the first detection of a trace of Insulin in a vanishingly small 4.5 year old blood sample by UHPLC Q-TOF MS-MS, in the case of the Leeds Insulin Serial Killer: "That was good science!".

21: Case involving accusation of the intent to manufacture crystal methamphetamine (acquitted): "Thank you very much for all your help in this case." 

20: Case ivolving Legal Highs (2012):  "Your credentials speak for themselves".

19. “I thought you should know that C was acquitted by the unanimous verdict of section 18 GBH with intent! They were deliberating for 1 hour and 20 minutes (including the lunch adjournment).
I have no doubt that this was largely due to your excellent efforts on his behalf without which I feel certain that he would have been convicted. Thank you for all your help which was above and beyond the call of duty!
I feel certain that we will meet again in the future and I will not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone who needs an expert in your field”.

18. “Yes, that’s perfect thank you. Exactly what we were looking for!” 
(Air Rage Urgent report Alcohol/Valium 3 days notice).

17. Case involving saliva DNA (Robbery):
"The client was acquitted this afternoon when the prosecution withdrew the allegation. This was in no small part due to your excellent report that was very well written."

16. Explosives case at the Central Criminal Court: 22/06/12:
"I thought that you would like to know that E was acquitted today. He asked me to pass on his thanks to you for all your hard work."
"Just to let you know H was found NOT GUILTY.
Many thanks for all your kind assistance which greatly helped getting this great result."

15. 11/3/2012: Comment by a barrister in an explosive case in regard of instruction of a suitable expert: "It is unlikely that the prosecution will be able to instruct someone more distinguished."

14. 27/1/12  Comments by the Judge as a result of our report, in mitigation, in a case involving ricin and explosive manuals:  " I accept that all of this material is available on the internet and can be brought from retailers such as Amazon and I accept that some of it is out of date."

13. 17/1/12
Comment by a solicitor in a case where a charge at Taunton Crown Court of heroin possession with intent to supply, was reduced to that of personal possession for the defendant's own use: "Thank you for your report. It was extremely helpful."

12. Comment by a barrister at Taunton Crown Court in a case of rape of a minor (DNA):
"You are so perceptive!"

11. 28/11/11: Comment by Counsel at the end of proceedings in a case involving instruction manuals concerning explosives and toxins (Ricin):
(Instructed Friday, attended Manchester Crown Court Monday) " I am so glad that you were able to come!"

10. 22/11/11:  Comment by Manchester solicitor upon prompt, urgent provision of quote and explosive and toxin (Ricin) CV's in terrorist case: "Excellent!".

9. 17/11/11:  "I thank you again for the valuable report you prepared, which by the judge's admission carried a great deal of weight".

8. 10/11/11.....I can confirm receipt of your report and am grateful for the timely manner in which you have prepared the same, given the recent difficulties...
The report does go some way into undermining the Crown’s stance regarding the DNA on the duvet and no doubt will prove useful at the trial.
I thank you for your time and effort and look forward to instructing you in the future".

7. 27/10/11 Outcome of the case: Defendant was completely acquitted from a charge of aggravated drunken driving.
This case is believed to be a World First, where the defence was primarily that alcohol detected was likely to have arisen as a result of endogenous production by fermentation in the intestinal system of the defendant. (His intestinal system having suffered significant permanent physiological damage as a result of a previous severe infection.)

6. "In a case involving gunshot residue at the Central Criminal Court, the prosecution barrister recommended that Dr Douse should be thanked by the Judge for bringing to the Court's attention the recent explosives publications involving the routine screening of public places for traces of explosives, which indicated that police transports and premises were likely to be contaminated with gunshot residue as a result of the presence of police and seized firearms and other contaminated exhibits. This led to the acquittal of the defendant in this case."

5. 6/10/2011: COMMENT FROM A PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL CLIENT (represented through a local solicitor (Eurozone)) Before outcome of the trial was known:
"Very nice to meet you in person....." "Because to me you are a rare blessing, someone a bit like my grandfather, who puts quality and pride in his work far above money."

4. "Dr Douse is the kind of expert witness you would wish for, if you, or a beloved relative is in trouble. Suddenly I found myself distant from people that would charge me for every second of their precious time. And in dialogue with an interested, well established, yet curious person. That would not stop until there was some order in the chaos and disbelief, that occurred after being accused of what could not be true. When even I got tired of myself for sending so many e-mail, he assured me that he was not, and that every detail was important. That seems to be the way he gets results, that is by seriously contemplating details, that may not seem important, or even worth mentioning, to a person uneducated in Dr Douses field of knowledge. If there is anything in the scientific literature that may support your claim, it seemed he would find it. And if that was’nt certain he did not hesitate to arrange individual experiments of his own, being a progressive established scientist in his own right. Yet he took my own ideas and investigations seriously, respectfully, and generously admitted when I had a point. Even though some of them must have seemed stupid, in the eyes of a highly educated person, in his field. That was the way I experienced a steady flow of progression, that resulted in a well written, comprehensive report, finished off by an impressive list of Dr Douse’s previous accomplishments, education, and research, in such a manner that it would be hard to have any doubts left about his qualifications to write such a report. He offered to do a briefing with my solicitor, that had problems understanding all aspects of the complex field of science that it was all about, and he even lighted up the room doing it, with a sense of humour. He also did a well prepared appearance in court, properly dressed, and gave a professional impression. All that is from what I can imagine all you could ask for. But on top of that it was really pleasant to spend some time with him, picking him up from the airport. He offered to tie my tie (dressing casually as a modern IT expert, I had forgotten the procedure), and insisted to pay for dinner after the big day in court was over. Like a friend on a rainy day. Thank God I am still distant from those that would charge me for every second of their precious time, ‘cause who could afford to pay for all that time, that it actually took?"

3. 23/9/2011: DRUGS CRYSTAL METH LAB  "I am delighted to be able to report that Mr X was granted bail at the Crown Court.. based to a large extent on your report................I am hopeful that they will agree that they do not have a case and they offer no evidence..."

2. 1/8/2011 Bristol Solicitor comment relating to a Murder Trial in 2011 (where both written and oral evidence was given), when requested, in writing, to provide a reference to the UK Expert Witness Guide (JS Publications): "It would be a pleasure!"

1. 2001 Lockerbie Judgment (7) (30/01/2001): "...there was also the evidence from Dr Douse who has specialised for many years in the trace analysis of drugs and explosives.... He pioneered the use of capillary gas chromatography, which is now a well recognised procedure."


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